I’ve been tutoring high school students for over 35 years– so I know what typically gives them trouble and I can quickly help them clear up areas of confusion. Of course, I help students gain a deeper understanding of the course content and show them how to solve problems, but I also teach them what questions to ask themselves so that they learn to set up and solve problems on their own. I have a wealth of tips and tricks in most subjects I tutor so that students can discover ways to improve their problem solving and number crunching skills.

Education and other Experience

  • BS in Chemical Engineering from Caltech
  • MS in Statistics from Cal State East Bay
  • 15 years as a training professional at Intel Corp, developing and delivering computer‑based and instructor‑based courses for employees
  • Former high school teacher– geometry, algebra 2, precalculus, calculus, statistics, chemistry (honors and AP), physics (regular and honors)
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